Benefits of Solid Wood/Log Homes

Solid wood / log homes were in existence in Europe and North America for centuries. Now, the elite world is waking up to reality by recognizing the fact that Solid Wood/ Log Homes are just not another option. They are a necessity in order to avail the benefits of healthy lifestyle.


Solid Wood / Logs breathe and absorb moisture. They balance their discharge in accordance with the climatic change. The air inside a solid wood or log home is clear and fresher creating a healthier habitat that enhances the longevity of life.

The exposure to toxic chemicals in our day to day lives has resulted in significant increases in asthma and respiratory illnesses, skin problems, migraine headaches and any number of health related problems amongst the inhabitants. The clear air inside solid wood/log home significantly reduces these health problems in their dwellers.

Solid wood / logs are natural insulators against the environmental temperatures. The great wooden mass balances the temperature variation throughout the day and maintains steady comfortable temperature inside the house. In the summer a log home is comfortably cool and in the winter steadily warm. Solid wood / logs regulate the humidity of the habitat, thus preventing the habitants from having dry skin resulting in their fresh and healthy appearance.

Living in a solid wood house is comparable to wearing merino wool, according to recent research undertaken at Lincoln University. Merino has the ability to absorb body moisture and regulate temperature. Studies have shown that houses built from solid wood demonstrate similar "breathing" properties, offering real advantages for comfort and health.


Most solid wood / log homes have an insulation value that is 25-50% higher than standard conventional constructions. Wood contains tiny air pockets that resist the conduction of heat. The rate of flow of heat through solid wood is very slow. Thus solid wood has high thermal mass (The ability to store and regulate heat towards the path of least resistance). Their path of least resistance is towards the higher temperature. Thus the path of least resistance is towards outside in summers and inside in winters.

This is the reason why solid wood/log homes are energy efficient with optimal air conditioning and heating costs in extreme seasons. The energy cost saving can vary between 25-50% depending on the design.


Long life of a building has its positive effects on the environment. A solid wood/ log house lasts 10 times that of conventional brick and concrete structure. Studies have shown that 10 conventional homes will be torn down in the lifespan of a single solid wood or log home.

The resultant debris from torn down 30-50 year conventional homes containing an array of man-made chemicals that emit high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is an environmental hazard. The toxic and energy-intensive debris of all those torn down structures will harm the earth many times over and will have to be land-filled many times as well. Not to mention the labour, transportation of labour and materials, and multiple disturbance to the land.


Solid wood/ log houses appreciate significantly in comparison to conventionally constructed houses. Torn down debris from conventional home has practically no value. Thus, whatever investment is made in conventional structures is neither movable nor recoverable. It deteriorates fast and needs constant maintenance and upkeep to maintain the feel good and aesthetic appeal.

A solid wood / log home is an asset. It can be dismantled and shifted to different location. It can be sold in its early and middle life sometimes at an appreciated value. At the far end of its life which clearly outlasts the life of its original owner, the wood still fetches value as it can be recycled.

In India wood recovered from old dismantled Mangalore/ clay tiled structure is a source for most seasoned teak wood widely used in different projects.


Noise pollution is a major hazard and source of stress in the life of an urban citizen. Festivities, traffic, ongoing construction activities, airplanes etc., to name a few are the disturbances inadvertently affecting life of urban people. Solid wood/Log homeowners are less likely to be affected by these disturbances.

Solid wood/Log home interiors have significantly reduced noise pollution because of the density of the solid wood structure. Sound barely travels through this heavy material. The wood exterior actually deflects sound waves away from the building. The result is a quieter, more relaxing house.

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