Frequently Asked Qs?

Q. Can we live in the wooden home during all the seasons??

Yes, Wooden homes are dwelled at in all seasons and at all times. They are safe, secure and very comfortable habitat for human beings.

Q. Are wooden homes are typical of temperate climate. Are they suitable in tropical country like India?

Wooden Homes can be customized for any conceivable style, and can be of advantage in hot tropical or cold temperate climate. They can withstand damp and dry conditions with ease and fulfill the requirements of diverse cultures and lifestyles. They can seamlessly blend into their surroundings. Wood was a prominent structural material in India till 60 to 70 years ago. Lack of regulated and sustain supply chain lead to continuous deforestation in the country and wood became dearer and was discontinued in favour of brick and concrete structures.

Q. Are the wooden homes well insulated?

Wood is one of the best insulators amongst various natural materials. Wooden homes provide an ambient temperature of + or - 6 degrees Celsius in comparison to outside temperature during hot or cold weathers.

Q. Are the wooden homes eco-friendly? Don't they lead to deforestation?

Wooden Homes from Unique are made from timber procured from suppliers who depend on carefully regulated, sustainable forests for their source. Wood is not sourced from natural forests or protected environment or areas under any circumstances.

Q. Is it quicker to fabricate and erect a wooden home?

Most of wooden homes from Unique are prefabricated to suit a standard design or customized one. Taking the prefabrication and transportation time, the lead time of delivering and installing a wooden home is approximately 50% that of conventional brick and concrete home.

Q. Are the wooden homes really safer during a natural calamity like an earthquake?

Wooden structures are better equipped to handle earthquakes in comparison to other structures as it provides optimum balance, better elasticity. The grainy nature of wood makes it least brittle and very difficult to disintegrate. In comparison brick and mortar is brittle material and cracks easily. Therefore wooden homes are much safer in the event of an earthquake.

Q. Does a wooden home cost more or less than a brick house?

Square feet to square feet wood homes may appear costly at the initial stage. However in the long run considering diverse advantages they will be cheaper. Wooden home is an investment that can be recovered even after several years of service whereas brick and concrete homes are a sunk cost.

Q. Are the wooden homes a fire hazard?

Naturally wood is a fire fuel. However wood used in construction of wooden homes is especially treated to resist high temperatures and fire. The process is tested and certified for international standard of fire safety by reputed independent agencies at the source.

Q. In comparison to concrete & steel houses, how strong is an wooden house?

Typical concrete has high resistance to compressive stresses (about 4,000 psi/27.5 MPa). However, any appreciable tension (e.g. due to bending) will cause the concrete to crack. Steel has high strength in tension. If steel, is placed in concrete, and if the bonding between the two materials is strong, then the composite material, reinforced-concrete, resists compression and bending. Any factor that diminishes the bonding, such as moisture leading to oxidation (rust), weakens the composite material.

Wood possesses both compressive strength and ability to bend. Think, for example, a large tree blowing in the wind. In addition, there is no concern of bonding. A wood-frame structure draws strength by exploiting the grain-that is, the strong axis-and from the geometry of the frame. The frame itself has high energy absorbing capabilities.

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